About Us

Irish Consulting Partners® (Classification of Business Activity — ISIC Rev.4 code 7020) is the market leading consultancy company for Russian speakers in Ireland. With over 20 years of consultancy experience across the areas of Funds, Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations to name just a few, ICP is the leading consultancy in Ireland for Russian speaking clients.

ICP, founded in 2015, is an independent consultancy company that was born out of the growing demand for consultancy services within these areas, among Russian speaking clients, as well as Irish and International partners.

Rated as the "Strongest Russian speaking team of professionals" in Ireland, ICP have enjoyed fantastic feedback from clients and have helped many businesses with their consultancy needs as well as generating new clients for our customers.

What We Do

We accept projects that interest us (this is the advantage of an independent specialist – he is not solely interested in profit), in the areas of "Strategic Consulting" (also known as "business consulting" in Russian).

We understand that you expect more from a consultant than just problem analysis. You are also looking for recommendations and practical, effective solutions to expand your business opportunities and to achieve the desired results and competitive advantages.

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